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1) Commonly the term "feminism" is associated unpopular or "anti man" because of the negative character that has given society, associating it with the "man hating" and to fight for the rights of women
2) The man can participate in this campaign being feminists unnoticed, encouraging women to become successful women
3) The audience reacted positively to this discourse, assuming good reception to the proposal from the organization that promotes emma watson.

News Report

Sample text
What is the title going to be?
Rugby World Cup: what's in it for the residents of Twickenham?
Who is going to write the report?
By Mark Tran, Monday 17 August 2015 19.35 BST
Where did this case take place?
Start your opening section giving the most important information
inebriated sports fans vomiting or urinating on the streets and into front gardens after a match.
Richmond and Twickenham, south-west London,
Drunken fans
when the Rugby World Cup gets under way next month.
Drunken fans out of the stadium because before the game will drink bars
causing damage and leaving trash on the streets near stadiums

What is the most important detail?
LONDON - It is every resident’s nightmare: inebriated sports fans vomiting or urinating on the streets and into front gardens after a match. Yet this is what lies in store for the residents of leafy Richmond and Twickenham, south-west London, when the Rugby World Cup gets under way next month.
Richmond council had a stab at sorting out the problem at the weekend when England beat France 19-14 in a warmup match at Twickenham stadium. Pubs were effectively encouraged to close early, at 10pm, but the decision pleased neither publicans or long-suffering residents, who have to put up with road diversions and rubbish-strewn streets on match days.
Other details?
Less important than the first one
The council said its strategy “aims to enable visitors to have an enjoyable experience before, during and after each match and enable business to capitalise on the potential income of visitors during the tournament”. Its plan comes a month before the tournament begins on 18 September, concluding with a final at Twickenham on 31 October.
Less important than the second one
Richmond said those pubs it consulted supported an approach allowing them to “voluntarily restrict entry after 10pm if the pub was full”. Trialled at the weekend, the council said the pubs were quiet during the match, but were busy later as publicans let people in.
Martyn Day, a local historian who also plays in a rock band, said like most people he was prepared to put up with the traffic diversions, the closed streets, the hordes of fans, the portaloos, the crowded trains and the noise into the early hours of the morning. But he argued that the community should get something in return.
The least important
“This the price of living next door to Twickenham stadium at the time of the Rugby World Cup. I accept this,” he wrote on the St Margaret’s community website. “What I cannot accept is the apparent lack of any recognition, recompense or legacy for the thousands of people who will have to put up with it.
“At every public Rugby World Cup meeting that I have attended I have asked the same simple question: what is there in it for the people who live here? Any sports facilities for us or our children to use in the future? Any landscaped areas or gardens for older people to enjoy? … Any permanent museum or gallery celebrating this important international event? The answer has always been an embarrassed silence.”
Simple true statements
Add facts
Many residents in the area complain about the conduct of drunken fans on match days, with complaints of people being sick or urinating in bushes. Locals say the problem is particularly acute on Whitton Road, which goes from Twickenham train station to the rugby ground.
Day said there should be something people will be able to point to afterwards to say: “‘That is there because of the Rugby World Cup in 2015 when half the world came to St Margaret’s.’ Surely that is not too much to ask?”
Report what someone else said (Add this in the body!)
Pub companies are not pleased either. “I am very annoyed,” Jonathon Swaine, the managing director of Fuller’s Inns, told the Times. “It seems quite Orwellian to say you will not go to the pub for a drink. It is not happening in Cardiff or other cities that are hosting World Cup matches. Why should it happen in Twickenham?”
An RFU spokeswoman said: “We were asked by Richmond council and the Metropolitan police to advise spectators that because of the late finish time of Saturday’s game, a number of pubs and restaurants in Twickenham town centre were only accepting pre-booked customers. Others decided not to accept new custom after 10pm.”
Nowadays the level of alcohol consumption in adolescents has increased rapidly due to the massification of the sale and Porla ease of buying this type of product, which is bad since the consumption of alcohol in teenagers is harmful to health because their brains are in a period of development and the presence of alcohol in the blood is difficult to optimally perform.
Many scientists have conducted studies on this controversial issue and everyone has come to the conclusion that should not be allowed (for this reason alcohol is forbidden for people under 18 years old) since this affects the nervous and cardiovascular system, what alccohol consumption at an early age can have serious consequences for the future of these consumers.
from this, most governments have banned both the consumption and marketing of any product containing alcohol to minors, mostly, sim though there are some that just is prohibited until 16 years old or not prohibit (these cases are dealt with underdeveloped countries)
if countries do not prohibit the consumption of alcohol in minors, most of these are treated in developing countries that are also attributed religions traditions involving the consumption of these products, therefore socialemente is accepted and not care of the medical consequences

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Diary entry based on arranged marriages

Dear Diary,
Today my parents told me I have everything arranged for my marriage to the daughter of a family of my people, the problemaes that she indeed not love or even know, but the traditions of my religion force me to marry her.
I personally do not agree with this tradition, as I believe that marriage is an act of love's presence is needed because it unites two people for life. so I feel very sorry because my family does not understand that I do not want to follow this religious tradition because I want to marry someone who loves, or if not possible, at least I like to meet the woman you marry me before decide if you really want to. I also feel that such traditions are very old and are not suitable ara this time, so I think my new religion should apply appropriate rules to the 21st century and relate our traditions with Western culture.
lately I've thought about changing my religion and I do not share many things about my religion, but this would take away from my family and leave my country because this decision is not accepted because my religion is very strict. so I'm not sure because I do not want to do to lose my life, but I do not want to continue with the traditions.

Answers about Chapter 10 “Cry Freedom”

1. Donald refers about the risk to take Biko to not give the name and get another 6 months in prison.
2. The official explanation of the death from Mapetla is, that he hanged himself. But Biko and Woods cannot believe that, so Biko demands a inquest.
3. I think that in chapter 11 the problem will arrive not only for Biko in his way to cape town, also for other people like Tenjy thst was arrested in the office of the daily dispatch by the police.

Cartoon Analysis of Gender stereotypes

In this image we can see a mother with her daughter sitting on a sofa. The daughter asks her mother "Do you get a bonus on Mother´s day? I mean, what´s the pay off?"
My opinion about this situation (the question) is a very waring because this question mean that the daughter, a children, think that all you do is pay, including the "job" of a mother, this "reflection" of a life is a consequense of the society, that nowadays you are charged for everything.
As I said before, is worry  because if all children begin to think like her, in the future "job" will not be an inconditional and selfless good mom.

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Photo description

Image 3
In this image we can see  a picture of a mother and daughter in a city with many buildings but because of the sculpture we can realize that it is a united city with its culture. In the background we can see the buildings of powerful companies, because there the logos above these, which means that corresponds to a globalized and modern city. At the bottom we can see a mother and her daughter posing for this photo, I think wanting to show the greatness of that city and the cultural diversity that is there. in the bottom right corner we can see a sculputure which as I said earlier, represents cultural diversity, support and respect that has this city with its antique culture. with the caption "I love being here, where everything seems new!" we realize it is a very modern and tourist city, which is important po appearance showing tourists and locals.

Image 4
In this image we can see people painted many colors, very happy because of the celebration of "holi festival". in the foreground, we can appreciate three very happy children, two girls and a boy, painted on the face of many colors. their smiles reflect happiness means this celebration. In the background we can see three people, but fail to see very well. independent of that look like painted and young he is seen smiling face is also. With the caption "I wish this festival will last forever!" we realize that this festival is a time of happiness for all who celebrate.

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"Eating disorders" Activity

  1. Steroid:any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds, as the sterolsbile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specificphysiological action.                          sentence: I have seen many people in the gym using steroids.
  2. Purging:to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.                                  sentence:
  3. Binge:a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating,drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.; spree.                                                                                          sentence: I know a few people that are binge drinking.
  4. Obesity:the condition of being very fat or overweight; corpulence:                               sentence: My dog suffer obesity.
  5. Anorexia:loss of appetite and inability to eat.                                                                      sentence: 
  6. Bulimia:Also called hyperphagiaPathology. abnormally voracious appetiteor unnaturally constant hunger.                                                                                                        sentence: bulimia is a pathology so serious about eating disorder
  7. Manorexia: A condition in which a man is obsessed with his body image and musculature, such that he constantly lifts weights, uses dietary supplements andanabolic steroids, resulting in—in the extreme case—an overly developed body          sentence: the manorexia is the common definition to anorexia of man.
  8. Bigorexia:Informal term for muscles dysmorphia.                                                       sentence: in the gym, two people suffer bigorexia.
  9. Body dysmorphic disorder:psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance                                                         sentence: